Tavour at Your Door

Tavour at Your Door

Posted Jul 15 | By Natalie Migliarini

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In the United States there are over 5,600 breweries sprawled across the nation, but most people are simply unaware. The vast majority of these breweries are small, unique, and independently owned. Most people rarely have an opportunity to try the great beer available because it’s often difficult for the brewers to reach people beyond their local area. Fortunately, there is now a service that bridges the gap.

Queue Tavour. They bring awesome fresh beer from anywhere it’s made, right to your door. Located in Seattle, WA they discover novel and delicious craft beer for curious beer drinkers and dedicated connoisseurs alike. Beer fans have the opportunity to explore exciting new beer without having to travel. From hard-to-find beers from far off places to delicious local secrets, Tavour gives you the freedom to enjoy great beers with your friends and makes picking craft beer easier than ever!

People who have used Tavour absolutely love it. As one user puts it, “Tavour has been the best way I've ever bought craft beer. They bring great selections to market, many of which I can't get anywhere else.” One of Tavour’s goals is to curate and make available rare and unique beer that would otherwise go unnoticed in the masses of the beer market.

Customers can access Tavour’s exclusive selection of craft beers by either downloading the Tavour app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or signing up for their email service. From there, users are able to read detailed tasting notes on each beer and start making their selections, all within minutes. And best of all, Tavour ships at a flat rate - choose any quantity, any amount, any type, and pay the exact same rate for shipping.

The concept is simple, but Tavour is turning heads in the craft beer industry. With the industry growing at an eyebrow-raising 20% over the last five years and projected to only grow bigger, Tavour is able to fulfill a rapidly developing demand.

Looking ahead, Tavour wants to increase the number of states they distribute beer. By recently adding Massachusetts and Florida, they now deliver to a total of 16 states. Put simply, they want to bring more beer to more people.

Try it out: Download the Tavour app available on iOS and Android devices or go to their website and sign up for an account.

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