Try Any of These Iconic Cocktails the Next Time You Are Out in Las Vegas

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Try Any of These Iconic Cocktails the Next Time You Are Out in Las Vegas

Posted Jul 03 | By James Stevenson

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Everybody knows Las Vegas for its glitzy and glamorous night parties and casinos. Many of these have been made popular by movies such as Ocean’s Eleven and Casino. But there is something many tend to overlook…the cocktail bars!

Las Vegas is a haven of iconic cocktail bars, some of which are so good they have become an eponymous delight among regular cocktail lovers. Drinks ranging from Old Fashioned to Manhattans have been prepared with a twist in their original style by accomplished cocktail experts.

The next time you are out at a casino in Las Vegas, remember to request for any of the following cocktails. You will thank me later.

  1. Flower Eclipse at Laguna Champagne Bar

The Laguna Champagne bar is conveniently situated just few steps from the main floor of Palazzo’s Casino. The place boasts of several classic signature drinks including Moet and Dom, but its house special, the Flower Eclipse is a huge favourite. Made from a fine mix of St-German, fresh lemon juice and Champagne, the drink is known to water down nerves as you roll dice on the roulette table.

  1. Buck’s Fizz at Herbs & Rye

Herbs & Rye is an attractive spot for many liqueur drinkers. Renowned for its handmade concoctions, the bar provides a relaxing atmosphere for the most exquisite champagne cocktails. The Buck’s Fizz is one of the favourite cocktails for casino players. It is a blend of orange juice, gin, Champagne and Heering cherry liqueur. What’s more, that chatty bartender can tell you are thing or two about the history of your drink with each delicious sip.

  1. Henny Black Ops

This vibrant drink was originally served as a specialty at Insert Coins, but the once swanky bar closed due to the rapidly changing DTLV business landscape. Nevertheless, the recipe for its delicious drink is not lost as many casinos still serve the refreshing Henny Black Ops. It is a mixture of Hennessy, black merlot, strawberry puree, fresh strawberry juice and watermelon juice. For a cocktail drink, this one is more loaded with nutritious ingredients.

  1. Cable Car Martini at Nobhill Tavern

The Cable Car is one of the specialty cocktails at Nobhill Restaurant & Bar. Once voted the best cocktail on the strip, this sweet tasting drink is a breath of fresh air for the parched casino player. The drink has its origins 1996, in the Starlight Room on top of the historic Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco. The catchphrase for the Starlight Room at the time was “Between the Stars and the Cable Cars”. The drink is made from a concoction of Captain Morgan, orange curacao, and Fresh Sweet and Sour. A real recipe for relaxation at a night out in Las Vegas.

Playing blackjacks or roulettes can often bring out the cocktail lover in you. So, do it in style with any of these delicious mixtures. Your Las Vegas trip will only get better with your liqueur. Do you doubt? Put it to the test then.

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