My Top 10 Boozy Destinations

My Top 10 Boozy Destinations

Posted Mar 14 | By Natalie Migliarini

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  1. Mexico City: Mexico City is a hot spot right now and houses some of the best bars and resturants. I also would consider Mexico City to have some of the best food in world. I had a lot of practice eating late night tortas and tacos as even the street food is amazing. This Inside Manhattan from Fifity Mils located inside the Four Seasons Mexico City was amazing especially the presentation. Other bars to note in Mexico City include Hanky Panky an amazing speakeasy located in the back of a faux taco shop. 


  1. Oaxaca: Oaxaca City is one of my favorite destinations in Mexico not only is it close to Mezcal production but it also has some of the best food Mexico has to offer-did someone just say Mole? As for bars La Popular is the place to be for mezcal, friends and food. This is my top spot in Oaxaca City for sure and where I spent my birthday. As far as mezcal suggestions- I will have a guide to my trip up very soon. 


  1. Bourbon Trail: I mean I am from North Carolina but have never been to the bourbon trail until this year. I won a trip to visit Maker's Mark and combined some other distillery visits. The highlight was having dinner and drinks with Bill Samuels the founder of Maker's Mark. 


  1. Asheville: Ok, Asheville is my hood! After growing up 30 minutes outside of Asheville I have also loved everything about this small city. In recent years the food and bar scene have gone next level become a go to destination in North Carolina for everything "foodie" and mybe even hippy or do I dare say "hipster.  Some of my highlights include MG Road, Soverign Remedies and Nightbell


  1. Montreal: Bonjour yall! I have always wanted to visit Montreal and I finally got to eat and drink my way through this amazing city. One thing is for sure they have an amazing bar scene with some really cool hidden and speakeasy bars. My favorite would definitly be the Atwater Cocktail Club.


  1. Austin: This year introduced several dope places that I have never been before including Austin. It kinda of has an Asheville vibes but with tons of tacos! The freaking breakfast tacos are a treat to the hungover traveler. Also, there are some amazing cutting edge bars that are killing it. I could have just stayed at the Four Seasons Lobby Bar all night but instead we went exploring and visited some great bars like; Midnight Cowboy, Small Victory and The Townsend.


  1. New Orleans: What can I even say about New Orleans? I visited this special place 2 times last year and made my cocktail rounds. I really love starting my big easy journey at the Carsouel Bar at Hotel Monteleone. Other special places on my list include: The French 75, visiting my buddy Kent Westmoreland behind the stick at the Windsor Court Hotel and of course Erin Rose. Don't forget a muffeleeta from Central Grocery to wash down the cocktails or even better soak up all the aftermath. 


  1. Peru: What more do I need to say about Peru besides I tasted my way through with Pisco...?


  1. Mendoza: Not only beautiful in landscape but the Malbec is so amazing. Here you can visit different wine regions and learn all about the some of the best wine in the world while having a traditional asado with friends. Outside of your traditional hotels escape to a wine hotel for a few nights like; Casa de Uco, Entre Cielos or the Algodon Wine Estates.


  1. El Cafayate: This wine region in northern Argentina really makes white wine shine. It is home to Torrontes wine so drink all the white wine here! Book a night or 2 at Finca el Retiro.


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