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Home Bartender

I am a home bartender, cocktail stylist, photographer, freelance writer, recipe developer, professional party planner and much more. I left my career job and made the decision to dedicate my life to building Beautiful Booze in 2013. I was hosting lots of themed dinners and parties where I was creating simple cocktails and each evening I was being asked for the recipes by my guests so I decided to start a blog where my friends could go online and re-create their favorite cocktails from the evening. In the years since, everything has grown exponentially and I am so appreciative of the opportunities I have been offered to travel the globe while sharing my experiences and recipes with a much broader audience than I could ever have anticipated.


About Beautiful Booze

Have you ever observed at a party how people are drawn directly to the bar? Forget the copious quantities of appetizers! Where is the booze? That is where I come in and produce fun and creative cocktails for you to serve at any occasion. From casual gatherings, to larger scale parties! I have all the recipes you need to succeed in every occasion in life. So, let’s party together and make things beautiful! 

About Natalie

Hi, I am Natalie and this is where I share my cocktail journey. I am a home bartender, cocktail stylist, photographer, freelance writer, and recipe developer with an aptitude for discovering new and creative ways to use booze. What began as a mere hobby derived from necessity has now become my ultimate passion and has led me to establish connections with awesome individuals through cocktails. I create and photograph original cocktail recipes from the perspective of a home bartender. I have no formal training in bartending or culinary arts, but my passion originates through planning many parties and the occasional late night sharing of bourbon with friends. I believe that great friends are made and times are had sharing cocktails and making memories that will last a lifetime. Cocktails are not merely used to celebrate special occasions but also to elevate an ordinary day. My goal is supply fun and approachable recipes to you. Celebrating with friends and family is what life is all about, and with the addition of beautiful booze will only enhance these precious moments. Welcome to Beautiful Booze!


Some interesting facts about me:

  • I am originally from North Carolina though Seattle is now my home
  • I enjoy all forms of alcohol in my milkshakes
  • I have no formal photography training
  • I recently drove to Mexico from Seattle
  • I love entertaining people so much it hurts
  • I love to travel
  • I love cooking southern food including grits, pulled pork, and hushpuppies
  • For the last ten years I have worked writing grants
  • I went to college at North Carolina State University –Go Wolfpack
  • I am obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks
  • I am addicted to Netflix

My goal is to deliver you a beautiful cocktail that will tantalize your taste buds with wonderful flavors, while it’s beauty leaves a smile on your face.  So, let’s be friends and take this cocktail journey together. 

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